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Fully Integrated Services

ASI works with clients to develop profitable, sustainable production results. Our goal is to provide you with the resources needed to succeed both financially and operationally.

Vertically integrated to positively influence every link in the supply chain.



Live Animals

& Nutrition

Financial Services

& Systems



Slaughter Plant




Feed Mill


Grain Storage





Financial Systems & Business Turnaround

ASI specializes in a full-business analysis: identifying profitable business solutions where finance and operations meet.

Agronomy Oversight:

  • Fertility

  • Seed Selection

  • Tillage Practices

  • Chemistry Recommendations

  • Equipment Recommendations

Precision Services:

  • Soil Sampling

  • Grid Sampling

  • Soil lab quality control audits

  • Lime analysis

  • Lime application using Variable Rate Application

  • Fertilizer application using Variable Rate Application

  • Variable Rate planting

  • In-field Scouting

Grain Storage Systems:

  • Grain Storage Modeling

  • Grain Storage Design (On-Farm and Commercial)

  • Commercial Grain Loading Facilities

  • Liquid and Dry Fertilizer Storage

Feed Mill Services:

  • Feed Mill Staff and Management Training

  • Provide Feed Mill Design Input and Recommendations

  • Equipment Selection Assistance

  • Interaction with Primary Design Build Contractor and Sub Contractors on Client's Behalf

  • Construction Oversight

  • Start-Up Assistance

  • Operations Audit

  • Toll Mill Auditing

  • Feed Department Enterprise Review

Live Animal Production:

  • Assess production and economic activities of the enterprise

  • Evaluate production to develop and implement programs to increase production and reduce costs

  • Address bio-security and health program to reduce and eliminate diseases

  • Facility review and recommendations

  • Project management including green field design

Animal Nutrition:

  • Review diets and build program to cost-effectively maximize nutrition

  • Analyze feed ingredient sourcing and quality

  • Hedging programs to manage input cost risk

Financial Services & Systems:

  • Build and implement financial systems

  • Identify standard costing to give you the data needed to make sound business decisions

  • Review and redesign the accounting processes to decrease the monthly close period and enhance analysis

Business Turnaround:

  • Restoring struggling businesses to financial viability and success

  • Increase ROI - in some instances by as much as 3X in 4 years - simply by fixing what is broken and increasing efficiency


  • Offering Pro Forma Modeling For All Activities

  • Full Enterprise Budgeting

  • Base Farm Enterprise Design

  • Value-added Processing

  • Oil Seed Processing

  • Bio-Diesel Production

  • Commodity Trading and Risk Management

  • Crop Production Weather Coverage

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